Now available in both bottled and dried varieties, Menno Tea is inspired by a Mennonite recipe for “meadow tea” from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We started this venture in 2011 out of our dorm rooms and have since expanded well beyond campus walls. As we grow, we’re committed to simplicity, sustainability and giving back to the community that grows, brews, bottles, packs, ships, sells and enjoys Menno Tea.


Menno Tea Original

The Original Menno Tea offers a simple, sweet taste with a hint of mint. We started Menno Tea with this one simple recipe, brewing each batch by hand in the campus cafe.


Menno Tea Unsweetened

Based on the Original Menno Tea recipe, Menno Tea Unsweetened, is a simple black tea with a hint of mint. By popular demand, we came out with an unsweetened version of the Original recipe in the fall of 2013.


Menno Tea Lemonade + Tea

Lemonade + Tea combines lemonade with the Original Menno Tea, a simple black tea with a hint of mint. Lightly sweetened and highly refreshing, Lemonade + Tea is the perfect summertime drink.

Menno Tea Raw offers a dried version of our bottled tea for you to brew at home. Made with local, organic mint leaves from a Mennonite farm in northeastern Ohio, Menno Tea Raw is available in three varieties:

Just Mint

Just Mint is exactly what it sounds like: dried spearmint, and nothing else. 



Inspired by the recipe for our bottled tea, Menno Tea Raw Original offers a simple black tea with hints of spearmint and lemongrass.

Yerba Mint

Yerba Mint combines spearmint with yerba mate from Brazil. Naturally caffeinated and chock-full of antioxidants, yerba complements our refreshing spearmint to form the perfect tea to kickstart your day.