Everence offers a wide array of values-based banking, insurance, and financial services to individuals and businesses.  We opened our first Menno Tea checking account with Everence in the fall of 2010 and haven’t looked back.  In 2011, we teamed up with the Everence Sharing Fund to contribute a portion of our sales to community members in need, a practice we continue today.



Goshen College

Hans and Niles founded Menno Tea at Goshen College with the support of the broader college community.  After testing our recipe at home, we produced our first bottles of tea at Java Junction, the campus café, and subsequently expanded beyond campus with the help of an entrepreneurship grant from the college’s business department.  As Business and Global Economics majors, Hans and Niles gleaned the technical skills to launch Menno Tea and the values that shape the company’s commitment to simplicity, community, and sustainability.



PA Preferred

Menno Tea recieved PA Preferred certification in 2014 for all bottled teas. Our iced teas are brewed and bottled in western Pennsylvania. PA Preferred supports Pennsylvania companies that grow, produce, or process within the state. In 2015 Menno Tea will begin sourcing ingredients from Pennsylvania farms, in addition to the bottling.


One Village Coffee

One Village Coffee offers roasted, bagged, specialty-grade, fair-trade coffee that comes directly from farmers around the world.  One of the first companies in the United States to become B-Corp Certified—the gold standard for ethically and environmentally responsible companies—One Village Coffee inspires us as we seek to make sustainable choices for Menno Tea.